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Relay Cyber Applications

Powered by AI

Unlock the infinite potential of AI, master cyber insurance, increase efficiency, and enhance your advisory services

Understanding Submission Applications

Through the use of chat-based AI technology, Relay with AI Support is capable of gathering underwriting questions from various insurance providers and enables users to seek further information on technical and specialized cyber insurance-related inquiries.

Simplify Submission Questions

Cyber security and insurance is a complicated domain which agents and brokers often struggle to understand; the highly technical nature, jargons, and complex concepts makes quoting and selling cyber insurance uniquely difficult. This is especially true when it comes to the underwriting questions in cyber applications.

Knowledge at your Fingertips

Relay with AI Support allows you to offer value beyond traditional insurance coverage and positions you as a trusted partner in your clients’ cyber security journey.

Relay with AI Support can suggest ways for brokers to provide clients answer to complicated cyber security questions regarding their organization. This means that not only are you providing insurance coverage for cyber risks, but you can also help your clients navigate the complex world of cyber security.

Cyber Best Practices

Relay with AI Support can provide samples of best cyber security practices related to the specific area in which the insurance carriers are concerned. This means that you can provide your clients with tailored and relevant advice that addresses their specific concerns and risks; potentially helping them reduce their risk exposure and lower their insurance premiums. This not only benefits your clients, but also strengthens your relationship with them by positioning you as a knowledgeable advisor, invested in your clients’ long-term success.

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