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Announcing The Risk Network – Register Now and Source, Broker, or Offer Capacity Faster

Pre-register now in 1 minute by signing up to Relay, and declaring your Risk Appetite in RINK. Just click here. How do you maintain, nurture, and expand your dealmaking connections now that you work from […]

What Traction Does Relay Have?

In our last two posts, we covered our sources of differentiation and the main high-level benefits we deliver to our users. Yet we know a great product isn’t enough. It must come with a great […]

The 5 Main (High-Level) Benefits of Relay

In our last blog post, we spoke about how Relay differs from other so-called “Placement Platforms”. Now let’s talk about benefits. There are many, but they can be categorized in five main ones: CAPACITY. Relay […]

How is Relay Different from Other “Placement Platforms”

We are sometimes asked why the world needs a new platform for Risk Transfer. There are already so many! So we decided to tackle it in this post. The Quick Answer Let us start by […]