Relay Invents The Eventful Workplace

A new hybrid approach that treats employees like the free-willed grown-ups they are.

What a concept!

In order to attract and retain top talent in an industry as traditional as insurance, North American venture Relay Platform is breaking new grounds. The venture is offering a brand-new hybrid workplace combining quarterly “Summits” for the entire team, in attractive locations around the world, together with complete freedom to work from anywhere.

The company does not mandate where, when and how employees should complete their work. All workers/professionals want to be treated as grown-ups, but nobody more than the latest generation – millennials and Gen Z.

The current workplace model was born during the 20th century and based primarily on the patriarchal model rooted in factory line shifts, punch-clocks and a trustless system.

Instead, Relay advocates strongly for a refreshing creativity-centric approach that encourages “bringing your whole self” to work and provides collaborators with all the freedom and flexibility they need to maximize motivation.

Learn what that all means in practice here.