Relay F1: Facultative Reinsurance Solutions

For Reinsurance Brokers…

Relay Platform enables you to create, place, bind, manage and track all of your facultative accounts in one centralized, state of the art, system – a fac broker’s dream!

With Relay Platform you can: 

  • Create and email facultative submissions in minutes, receive and bind quotes, produce corresponding contract documentation quickly and efficiently
  • Design risk towers and mud maps in seconds using our visual Tower Builder™
  • Generate useful, easy-to-read reports that answer and preempt management questions
  • Provide your clients with insight around their exposures, lines of business and capacity concentrations

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For Cedents…

Streamline your facultative purchasing and place reinsurance in minutes via a broker or direct to market.

Remember that time when you lost a large policy opportunity to a competitor, because you didn’t know what reinsurance you had or could place? Or that other time, when you waited for facultative quotes that took too long to get back? How much more business will you lose before doing something about it?

  • Streamline the facultative placement process with your reinsurance brokers or direct to market
  • Know you are placing within your company’s exposure limits
  • Avoid re-entering complex submissions or renewal data
  • Provide more business insight around exposures, lines of business and concentrations
  • Increased visibility into what the team is doing and the ability to redistribute the work easily
  • Control reinsurance exposure and reduce audit embarrassments through faster, better reporting

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For Reinsurers…

Filter deals that meet your specific underwriting appetite and spend less time weeding through submissions!

  • Receive structured facultative submissions in an organized and efficient manner, enabling you to quote faster
  • Manage all quotes and documentation in one centralized, state of the art, platform
  • Easily visualize reinsurance structures with our visual Tower Builder™
  • Integration with your current underwriting systems

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“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Relay. The timing couldn’t be better following the results of our market survey which showed that a third of respondents had yet to decide upon an e-trading strategy. With the results in mind, and as a continuation of our digital strategy including our recently announced Pathlight Analytics™, we are investing in our digital future by leading from the front. This was a significant decision for BMS Re as we have a commitment to innovate and invest in technology to improve the experience for our business partners and colleagues.”

Pete Chandler

President and CEO, BMS Re

Relay represents a huge leap forward in transacting reinsurance, which aligns well with GuideOne and CGA’s mission to improve the insurance industry through technology and innovation making positive change possible.

Mark Groenheide

SVP, Specialty & President of CGA, GuideOne

Proudly Featured in leading Insurance and Reinsurance Publications

Proudly Featured in leading Insurance and Reinsurance Publications