Relay Reps & Warranties

  • Slash the time to obtain & compare quotes
  • Assemble & update custom customer proposals dynamically
  • Onboard any carrier and unlock incentives
  • Collaborate with underwriters, lawyers, accountants, and clients on a single platform

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Customized Branding

R&W Tailored Dashboard 

Deal dashboard optimized for trading R&W deals, volume, and submissions

R&W Customized Submission Form

Allows you to templatize the system with default coverage request, enhancement and standard term

NDA Tracker with Built-in eSignature

Easily track the status of all carriers across all status, from NDA signature pending to quoted 

Capture NBILs directly from underwriters

Underwriter portal to track all deals submitted. Underwriters can quote directly within the platform with pre-defined subjectivities, exclusions configured by the carrier’s management team.

    Automated Proposal Generation

    Fully customized to your R&W proposal needs. Automatically highlight options with the lowest cost, lowest retentions, and best coverages. 

    Shareable Q&A and Subjectivities Modules

    Module to formally track Q&As and Subjectivities. Invite the lawyers, accountants and other due diligence partners to reply on the platform.

      Deal Archive

      All deals are archived daily and sent to your shared drive. The archive includes all submissions, NBILs, NDAs, conversations and attachments, policy/binder documents, Q&A records, subjectivity records, and other attached documents.

      Our partnership with Relay is an opportunity to not only provide more brokers with instant, bindable quotes, but to also empower brokers with actionable insights and cyber security expertise that can be shared with their clients.

      Kristie Felton

      Head of Partnerships, At-Bay

      At INSUREtrust we recognize the need for digitization of insurance and risk management services. It is a big part of our business today and we are looking to make it an even bigger part of our business tomorrow. We are very excited about the capabilities that Relay and their team bring to our future.
      Christiaan Durdaller

      President, INSURETrust

      Proudly Featured in leading Insurance and Reinsurance Publications
      Proudly Featured in leading Insurance and Reinsurance Publications