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Relay’s features accelerate the placement process, eliminate redundant efforts, and alert you to the latest placement opportunities and trends. Packaged into the best user experience in reinsurance.
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Today, reinsurance data is static.

Existing reinsurance workflow solutions are archaic and labor-intensive; they haven’t replaced emails and FTP sites. This greatly limits placement speed and quality, insights, and innovation.

Relay is designed from the ground up to change that.

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Who should use Relay?

Cedents and MGUs seeking a faster & smarter placement process, a comprehensive view into all their placements, seamless audit functionality, and powerful recommendations and insights.

Intermediaries seeking to focus on value-add services rather than administration, and to provide the best interface to both clients and capacity providers.

Reinsurers seeking enhanced pre-screening capabilities to match respective risk appetites, and easy integration with their internal systems.

Some of the benefits of Relay?

Easy & fast placements

  • Guided Submissions
  • Power User options

  • Recommendations & Insights

Power features

  • Risk Tower™ with Layer View™
  • Document authentication on Private Blockchain

Open by design

  • Easily integrate with email, rating, underwriting, and accounting systems

Future-proof your reinsurance placement process

Effortless Data Submission

  • Simple and complex submission tracks
  • Integration with email, rating, underwriting, and accounting systems
  • Standard, flexible templates
  • Multi-channel i.e. tablet, smartphone

Integrated Capacity

  • Quickly submit to your pre-approved reinsurer list
  • Option to submit to pre-qualified traditional or non-traditional capacity
  • Optional recommendations from colleagues, consultants & experts

Robust Insights & Analytics

  • Visualization of placement structure as a Reinsurance Risk Tower™
  • Detailed information through Layer View™
  • Placement trend insights and recommendations
  • Flexible, automated reporting

Bank-Grade Security

  • Best and latest security and encryption practices
  • You control permissions at all times
  • Secure approved placement documents on a private blockchain
  • Latest, future-proof technical stack

Take the first step towards future-proofing your placement process