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Phishing emails, digital scams and a long list of other breaches are on the rise and all clients should be properly insured for cyber risk. Cyber risk applies to all businesses, large or small. Failure to provide adequate coverage to customers remains the single fastest growing E&O claim scenario faced by insurance agents today. As a licensed agent it is your responsibility to offer a full cyber risk policy on every renewal; clients expect this coverage and knowledge from their agents and brokers. 

Reduce your exposure and sell more. Relay makes cyber as easy as 1-2-3

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Relay is a Technology Partner, Not a Wholesaler

At Relay we believe strongly in the neutrality of remaining a Tech SaaS provider to enable and support wholesale or retail distribution currently in play.

Relay is built for brokers, by brokers. Our former brokers on staff are passionate about not creating channel conflicts that would complicate wholesale or retail relationships by confusing broker of record appointments, overriding carrier relationships, complicating renewal and claim servicing, and possibly putting entire books of business at risk. YOU are the broker of record. YOU keep all your commission and fees. YOU own the carrier relationship and YOU own the renewal and claim servicing.

    Enhance Workflow & Automate Non-Value Added Activities 

    Tired of the drudgery of manual processes? Let Relay transform your workflow by automating the tedious and time-consuming tasks that add little value to your day. Say goodbye to:

    • Filling out applications and addresses manually
    • Juggling multiple applications across various portals.
    • Manually documenting each step of the process/communication
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    For Brokers, By Brokers

    Our Cyber and Executive Risk team brings decades of industry experience covering the public/private/non-profit sectors; both the underwriting and brokerage side of the business; all industry segments and all complexities of risk. Our passion lies in our full understanding and appreciation of the broker life cycle and the critical skills needed to facilitate deals in a hard market as well as have critical conversations with insureds.

    Bottom line is we intimately know the struggle and work every day to bring you digital innovation. 

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    Enhance your Cyber Knowledge with our Relay Risk Academy

    Education is key in equipping agents with the right tools to educate their customers.  We believe we bring value in assisting your brokers and clients in making informed decisions as well as enabling creative ways for your firm to significantly stand out from the rest of the pack.

    Examples include Relay Cyber Applications Powered by AI (Quotie), the Relay Risk Academy (powered by NetDiligence) featuring educational modules to assist with customer conversations, alignment with industry leading analytics providers to create dynamic proposals, and taking the extra step on lines of business to reflect the entire risk management product inclusive of value-add services.

    Our partnership with Relay is an opportunity to not only provide more brokers with instant, bindable quotes, but to also empower brokers with actionable insights and cyber security expertise that can be shared with their clients.

    Kristie Felton

    Head of Partnerships, At-Bay

    At INSUREtrust we recognize the need for digitization of insurance and risk management services. It is a big part of our business today and we are looking to make it an even bigger part of our business tomorrow. We are very excited about the capabilities that Relay and their team bring to our future.
    Christiaan Durdaller

    President, INSURETrust

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